Q & A | Hey Job Seekers: Some Great Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager

Hey Job Seekers: Some Great Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager

A job interview ought to be a two–way dialogue and not a one-way street.

While I was coaching today, one job seeker shared with me that he believed it would be wrong to ask questions from the interviewer.

Earlier at breakfast, I chatted with an award winning business owner who mentioned that she encourages applicants to ask her questions to see that her company culture and opportunity fit the applicant as much as the applicant might fit with them.

She emphasised that she discouraged job applicants not to try to second-guess her, but to be authentically themselves.

Her approach is real, refreshing, and empowering.

Whereas his approach… well, it’s the opposite.

So if you are an applicant for a job, what would make some good questions to ask the Hiring Manager?

Upon commencement of the interview, it helps to ask:

  • How long have you allowed for this interview?
  • I’d like to ask some questions. Can we do that now or should we kick off with yours?

When it’s time to ask questions:

  • Why is this role vacant?
  • How long has it been vacant?
  • (If it’s a replacement for a previously incumbent, ask): How long was the last person in the role?
  • (If less than 2 years ask): And before that?
  • How would you describe the first 3 – 6 months in this role?
  • What does good performance look like?
  • How would you measure that performance?
  • How would you describe your style of management/leadership?
  • What’s the team like?
  • How is the team performing?
  • Is there anything further you’d like to ask me?
  • How did you feel this interview went?
  • What are the next steps in the interview process?

From my experience, when job seekers ask questions like these, they stand out from all the others and make impressions that last.

Ask them. Go on!

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About the author:

Greg Weiss is the Founder of CareerSupport365. He has almost 30 years success in HR and in career coaching people.

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