Career Clarity
Online Program

Did you know that over 50 percent of people are unhappy with their career?

If this is you, then the good news is you are not alone!

Although everybody wants more from their careers, very few know how to find true career fulfillment. In fact, it’s more common to either just jump onto the next available offer or to meander around life without a plan, all the time feeling unhappy.

Until now.

In this program you will learn how to be different to most other people, find career clarity and be so much happier and feel so much more fulfilled.

The video modules and e-Book in Career Clarity help to guide you step-by-step in undercovering the you that you deserve to be. This is no hocus-pocus. This is a proven formula for success, done by countless people through the renowned Career365 career transition programs.

What’s in the box?

In this practical how to program you will have a clear roadmap on how to find true career fulfilment.

What you get is:

  • 1 x Free Workbook
  • 1 x Free e-Book on best-selling Career Clarity
  • 1 x Video module program covering:
    • Why change and fast-change is here to stay.
    • How to look at long-term employability and forget the myth of long-term employment
    • How to take stock of where you are right now
    • How to deal with the mental and emotional anguish of losing a job, and moving on from your previous workplace
    • How to develop strategies for a positive approach to the job search
    • Clues to your future direction, based on your past experiences
    • What’s really important to you – in life and a career
    • Where you naturally fit and the people with whom you are most comfortable
    • How to find the enriched space at the intersection of where your strengths lie, what you love, what’s important to you and what is a financially-viable career
    • How to sidestep common career traps and learn the secrets to an enriched career
    • How to pivot and meet the job market where it’s at right now
    • How to convey who you are and go after what you really want
Career365 programs have helped 1000s of people. They can help you too!
Client Testimonial

I wish I’d known about this experiential framework 25 years ago! Greg’s work is an unusual combination of deep research, insights, and reflective questions, while the explicit, actionable tasks work to compound clarity. Although easy to digest, the heartbeat of the framework does require the reader to dig deep and declare who they are. And that’s what’s so impressive about the program.

Lynette Jackson

The Career365 modules stepped me through the whole scope of emotions and options that come about following redundancy, and even though I have a lot of corporate and work experience, I was always being provided useful and relevant tips which are instantly put in place.

Barry Scolnik

This online coaching is very resourceful. It provides the insights of the key requirements potential employers and recruiters are looking for. I particularly find the step by step approach in the online program very practical and easy to follow. During this time, I learned a lot about the appropriate language, mannerism, and effective approach in career planning. These are the key elements often overlooked in the career change process.

Khaykin Chow

These modules are of world-class standard. It is complete and rounded.

Thomas Barwald