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Creating Successful Transitions

Give Your Staff The Support They Need

Adapting to a new working environment or leaving your existing one are some of the most difficult times in an employee’s career.

At Career365, we provide tailored transition programs to help entering and departing employees have the most positive experience possible.

Our team draws on over 30 years of experience to help employers facilitate smooth, productive transitions so they can increase employee satisfaction and boost their reputation in the marketplace.

employee transition support programs

Employee Outplacement Services

Provide career support to successfully transition outgoing employees, enabling your company to retain its reputation and maintain engagement with remaining employees.


employee transition support programs

Employee Onboarding Services

Welcome your new team members and set them up for success during and beyond their probationary period, mitigating the risk and expense of rehiring.

Why Start Strong?

The Importance Of Employee Onboarding

The first 180 days of a new job are critical and the months that follow can be highly challenging for new employees and the employer.

With professional, tailored onboarding support, you will have your new employees performing and fitting in faster.

As a result, your business will lay the foundations of long term employee success and save thousands on the cost and inconvenience of rehiring.

Why Finish Strong?

The Benefits Of A Positive Offboarding Experience

In these uncertain times, many people have found themselves unexpectedly transitioned out of their workplace.

By providing a caring and supportive outplacement service, you are letting your departing employees know they are more than a name on a spreadsheet. And that is important because it shows remaining employees that you are a good employer.

When you make this service available, your company will stand out as a genuinely caring employer of choice.

Trusted by many of Australasia’s leading employers, the different levels of online outplacement services provided by Career365 are designed to be accessible to all employees, whatever their role or where they are located.

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Did You Know…

Looking After Employees Pays Big Dividends and Protects Your Reputation


69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding.

23% of employees said their onboarding programs lasted only one day.


88% of laid off employees would feel ‘much more positive’ towards their employer if they had been provided outplacement or career transition support.

83% of former employees felt more likely to still talk poorly about their employer within 13 weeks of losing their job.

Why Work With Us?

Career365 is trusted by some of the world’s leading employers to support their staff during career transition periods.

365 Days Outplacement Support

Unlike any other provider, Career365 provides 365 days access to our training platform for all participants.

Engaging Content

Our outplacement programs are high-touch, convenient, flexible, and proven to be effective.

1,000 Employees Helped

Our Director Greg Weiss has supported a huge number of professionals from around the world to progress their career.

100% Online

Support your employees no matter where they are based or what their role is.

Practical & Easy to Use

The training we offer is suitable for any employee, in any role or location.

Boost Your Business

Create an untouchable reputation as an employer of choice.

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Uphold Your Values

Set the benchmark in your industry for being one of the most responsible, value-driven employers so you can attract the best talent and reduce the cost of recruitment.

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