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I Want Career Support for My Employees

Career365 provides onboarding and outplacement services for transitioning employees. Led by one of Australia’s most prolific coaches, Greg Weiss, Career365’s programs work to increase employee satisfaction and strengthen your employer brand.

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I Want Career Support for Myself

Career365’s practical online courses have been created by our founder and Head Career Coach Greg Weiss to support individuals to land new jobs, accelerate and relaunch their careers, and find career fulfilment.

Remember, offboarding is not just an operational necessity but a reflection of your organization’s value and commitment to its workforce. Regular evaluation and refinement ensure you offer the best for everyone involved.

It’s time to learn if you’re truly ready for next big leap. We invite you to complete our exclusive Ultimate Offboarding Impact Scorecard.

Professional Outplacement Services for Organisations and Trusted Career Advice for Individuals

Working in recruitment and human resources for the past 30 years and coaching well over 1,000 jobseekers, I understand the important role that work plays in our lives.

I have seen the transformative impact of positive onboarding and outplacement experiences, for both employers and employees.

As one of Australia’s most prolific career coaches, I have seen the difference the right career advice makes for individuals seeking support for themselves, independent of their employer.

That’s why I developed Career365’s practical online courses and made them available for both employers seeking career support for their employees and individuals seeking their own career advice.

Career365’s online courses include on-demand video training modules, workbooks, books and ebooks, all available for instant access via our online learning platform.

Get in touch to cement your reputation as an employer that genuinely cares about its people, or enrol in our free mini-course if you’re an individual looking for career advice you can implement today.

We look forward to working with you.

– Greg Weiss and the Career365 team

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