Employee Retention

What is a Stay Interview?

Stay Interviews

Considering how much time and money it costs to hire a new employee, most managers want their people stay with them for the long haul. Stay Interviews are the remedy.

Stay Interviews help your most valuable employees understand:

  • You recognise and appreciate their loyalty.
  • You care about more than just their performance.
  • You are open to making changes that would bring them more satisfaction.

Stay Interviews help employers discover:

  • Warning signs that indicate a key player needs more support or direction.
  • Ways to keep the employees in which you’ve invested the most time and resources.
  • Low-cost changes that could reaffirm your employees’ commitment and engagement.

Stay interviews help employees feel valued

Too many organisations have the reputation of treating employees like human resources, rather than humans.

We can see the same effect in action with exit interviews. Sure, by the time an employee reaches an exit interview, they’re already lost to the organisation.

But treat them well throughout that interview and the whole onboarding process and you may see them return as a boomerang employee in the future.

Any interview is an opportunity to treat employees well, show them you care and put their feedback into action, no matter how long they’ve been on the team.

Stay Interviews


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Managers aren’t always the right people to conduct the stay interview

Stay interviews are designed to open up a conversation and vulnerability, honesty and openness are all important in this conversation. The goal of stay interviews is to gather accurate feedback and employees need to feel comfortable to give this feedback.

This is why an independent, third-party interviewer can be of enormous benefit in any stay interview.

With an external interviewer, employees can feel more comfortable to share their honest feedback, leading to better insights for your organisation so you can improve and, ultimately, retain your best and brightest. Many employees may also feel that a stay interview has more gravitas if your organisation has paid someone external to conduct it – it’s easier to distinguish from a typical meeting that a manager may put in their diary on a regular basis, giving it more weight and importance.


The Benefits of Engaging Onboarding Services

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Structured Interviews

Give your new employees the best first impression.

Gather Accurate Feedback

We help employees feel comfortable to give accurate feedback.

Benefit of a Third-Party Interviewer

With an external interviewer, employees share more honest feedback and place more weight and importance on the stay interview.

Retention of Best & Brightest

With better insights into your organisation, we help you improve in order to retain your best.

Practical & Easy

We conduct stay interviews online and they are suitable for any employee, in any role or location.

Boost Your Business

Create an untouchable reputation as an employer of choice.


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