Employee Outplacement Programs

Outplacement services help your business to uphold its values through the entire employee life cycle. Since 2014, Career365 has helped organisations from around the world to provide departing employees with a full year of online outplacement support and 1:1 coaching.

These packages are delivered online, making them ideal for anyone who doesn’t have easy access to attend an outplacement service provider’s office. This enables employers to easily connect with, and quickly support, a broadly distributed workforce when times get tough.

The Benefits of Engaging Outplacement Services

Protect Your Brand Reputation

Prove you are an employer that appreciates and cares about its people.

Become An Employer Of Choice

Stand apart in your industry for all the right reasons and attract the best talent.

Keep Remaining Staff Engaged

Prevent your existing team from becoming disillusioned or feeling undervalued.

Increase The Chance Of Staff Returning

Part ways with your team member on good terms and maintain a great relationship.

Provide Value to Existing Staff

Demonstrate how important your team is at every step of their journey.

Maintain your Talent Pipeline

Nurture team member’s skills even after their last day with you.

Why give outplacement support services to your departing employees?

Providing exiting employees with support makes smart business sense.

When departing employees finish their employment strongly, it means they feel better about being ‘moved on’ by their employer.

Whether a layoff is due to redundancy, retrenchment, performance or cultural fit, the world’s best employers provide outplacement services to their departing employees because it helps those employees to shine elsewhere.

Trusted by many of the world’s leading employers, the different levels of online outplacement services Career365 provides are designed to be accessible to all employees, whatever their role or where they are located.

Why Work With Us?

Career365 is trusted by some of the world’s leading employers to support their staff during career transition periods.

365 Days Outplacement Support

Unlike any other provider, Career365 provides 365 days access to our training platform for all participants.

Engaging Content

Our outplacement programs are high-touch, convenient, flexible, and proven to be effective.

1,000 Employees Helped

Our Director Greg Weiss has supported a huge number of professionals from around the world to progress their career.

100% Online

Support your employees no matter where they are based or what their role is.

Practical & Easy to Use

The training we offer is suitable for any employee, in any role or location.

Boost Your Business

Create an untouchable reputation as an employer of choice.

Our Outplacement Services

Career365 Helps Companies To Set The Benchmark As An Employer Of Choice.

Employee Outplacement Programs

1:1 Support Programs

Provide valued, departing staff with high-touch online coaching tailored to levels of role and industries. Choose level of coaching to meet seniority.

Employee Outplacement Programs

Group Support Programs

Provide outgoing staff with on demand video modules and group coaching as they depart your organisation. Choose from 2 levels of support.

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