Career Clarity: How To Find Career Fulfillment

Career Clarity: How To Find Career Fulfillment


Over 50 percent of people are unhappy with their job or career. If this is you, then there is a way out of this, a way to find a fulfilling career that is meaningful to you, one that enriches your life and that can make a difference to others.

Career Clarity is a proven framework to help you understand what’s really important to you in life and in your career, how to maximise the elements of “a job” that enriches you and most importantly, how to identify your ideal career direction – no matter where you are in your career right now.

About the Author
Greg is passionate about helping people accelerate and relaunch their careers and is a sought after expert and commentator on employee transitioning – whether it is outplacement support for departing employees or structured onboarding support for new employees.

As the founder of Career365 Greg has worked with thousands of people over 30 years to guide them through what’s important to them in their life and career, how to secure their ideal job and then perform in it.

The world of ‘jobs’ has changed and you probably have to change too. So wherever you are in your career Greg’s “take control of your career365” series of three books, Career Clarity, Career Networking, Career Success and companion workbooks will provide you with the insight and tools to navigate your future career wherever you are in your career journey.