Career Catching
Online Program

When you are looking to move on in your career, it’s extremely important that you have:

  • a compelling resume,
  • a succinct and pointed cover letter,
  • that you stand out on LinkedIn and
  • that you know how to nail your job interview.

All this may sound obvious, but how to do this effectively is far from it.

Even the most seasoned of professionals gets caught up in at least one of these key areas.

  • We often meet people who are great at interviewing people for them but fail in knowing how to be the person for someone else.
  • OR
  • How to create a LinkedIn profile that recruiters and employers notice
  • OR
  • How to be memorable so people can refer jobs to you that you might have never known about by having a great elevator statement.

That’s where these modules come in.

In Career Catching you will learn how to shine on the job market and land that job you always dreamed about!

What’s in the box?

In this practical how-to program you will have a clear roadmap on how to stand out from all the other candidates and catch that job you always wanted!

What you get is:

  • 1 x Video module program covering:
    • How to always create a Great First Impression
    • How to craft a compelling Cover Letter
    • How to craft a compelling resume
    • How create a magnetic LinkedIn profile that recruiters and employers notice
    • How to successfully pivot in your career using LinkedIn
    • How to be a success in taking on a portfolio of jobs at the one time, working a ‘portfolio career’
    • How to create a memorable Elevator Statement
    • How to make a positive impact at each and every one of your job Interviews
    • How to avoid the mistakes most people make at the job interviews
Career365 programs have helped 1000s of people. They can help you too!
Client Testimonial

I wish I’d known about this experiential framework 25 years ago! Greg’s work is an unusual combination of deep research, insights, and reflective questions, while the explicit, actionable tasks work to compound clarity. Although easy to digest, the heartbeat of the framework does require the reader to dig deep and declare who they are. And that’s what’s so impressive about the program.

Lynette Jackson

The Career365 modules stepped me through the whole scope of emotions and options that come about following redundancy, and even though I have a lot of corporate and work experience, I was always being provided useful and relevant tips which are instantly put in place.

Barry Scolnik

This online coaching is very resourceful. It provides the insights of the key requirements potential employers and recruiters are looking for. I particularly find the step by step approach in the online program very practical and easy to follow. During this time, I learned a lot about the appropriate language, mannerism, and effective approach in career planning. These are the key elements often overlooked in the career change process.

Khaykin Chow

These modules are of world-class standard. It is complete and rounded.

Thomas Barwald