These modules are of world-class standard. It is complete and rounded.

Thomas Barwald

The Career365 modules stepped me through the whole scope of emotions and options that come about following redundancy, and even though I have a lot of corporate and work experience, I was always being provided useful and relevant tips which are instantly put in place.

Barry Scolnik

I wish I’d known about this experiential framework 25 years ago! Greg’s work is an unusual combination of deep research, insights, and reflective questions, while the explicit, actionable tasks work to compound clarity. Although easy to digest, the heartbeat of the framework does require the reader to dig deep and declare who they are. And that’s what’s so impressive about the program.

Lynette Jackson

Greg’s counsel and support through my transformation from being made redundant to securing a new meaningful role has been pivotal. He has guided me through the process of upgrading my resume and most importantly counselled me on interview techniques and understanding how to give the best of myself in an interview situation. Greg’s broad knowledge of the human side of business and his easy to follow online support program will continue to assist me as I integrate into a new role. Thank you Greg for your assistance which has been invaluable.

Donald Pierce

This online coaching is very resourceful. It provides the insights of the key requirements potential employers and recruiters are looking for. I particularly find the step by step approach in the online program very practical and easy to follow. During this time, I learned a lot about the appropriate language, mannerism, and effective approach in career planning. These are the key elements often overlooked in the career change process.

Khaykin Chow

I hosted a talk for young adults on careers and Greg was the main speaker. The next week I got feedback from an attendee who got a job offer. He felt the talk really helped him during the interview and took him over the line. Would highly recommend using Greg’s services for onboarding and offboarding. Looking forward to reading his new book when it comes out later this year.

Eliza Chalmers

Over the last year, I have been working to re-energising and advancing my career. I have been working with Greg on identifying my personal story, my brand and networking. What I love about Greg’s coaching is the online videos, which as a mum. I find very helpful! Each module is short and continues to build in greater levels of detail. I’ve found them, along with the worksheets, to be really helpful. They allow me time think through the content and ways to apply to my goals. Along with the online content, I’ve found Greg to be a wonderful listener and very willing to help. His method of teaching is personal and highly adaptable. I’ve really appreciated Greg’s time and expertise and I highly recommend him as a coach.

Elham Monavari