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As employee transition experts, we provide the missing pieces of the puzzle when it comes to employee experience.

With our help, you will ensure your staff feel positive about adapting to life at your company, and feel fully supported when it comes time to depart under almost any circumstances.

The programs we offer are suitable for people from all walks of life, across all industries and at all career stages – from operational to managerial through to C-Suite executives. Each onboarding and outplacement package has been strategically developed by HR expert and industry veteran Greg Weiss.


Meet Our Founder

Greg Weiss

Greg Weiss is regarded as one of Australasia’s foremost outplacement and career support coaches. He has coached well over 1,000 people to successfully relaunch, pivot, and accelerate their careers.

As a coach, Greg also works with many of the world’s leading employers to help employees during the risky and emotional times of transitioning into or out of an organisation.

As Founder and Director of Career365, Greg’s expertise has helped everyone from early graduates to CEOs. He has authored several books and is always looking for new ways to support employees, particularly in these turbulent times.

Greg enjoys spending time with family and friends over good food, reading, writing books, sharing knowledge, connecting people with each other, swimming, spiritualism, exercise, travelling, watching Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond and seriously good series like Breaking Bad, having a good laugh, and of course any time he can spend with Debbi, Sam and Mimi.

Listen to Greg’s Podcast

In Start Strong, Finish Strong, Greg Weiss chats with business leaders about challenges, opportunities and results in Human Resources, Business Growth and Personal Development.

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It's proven that last impressions are just as important as first impressions. That's why we believe it's imperative for employers to enable their employees to start strong and finish strong.

Greg Weiss
Managing Director

How We Work

Career365’s Programs Are Highly Effective

Collaborative Approach

All Career365 packages provide a structured program of practical online outplacement or onboarding module bundles that are proven to have helped over one thousand employees from graduate to CEO levels.

We work closely with each participant, recommending a tailored roadmap of online modules and career coaching that best supports each employee whether they are at the start or the finish of their time with your company.

Convenient On Demand Support

Our learning modules are all conveniently delivered via our online learning platform and our 1:1 or group coaching sessions are delivered via video conferencing, making it quick and easy for  program participants to gain the support and education they need on demand.

Whether your employees are just starting out with their new role, or need support in dealing with their changing circumstances and restarting their careers elsewhere; all our participants are able to move forward positively and with success.

Flexible Choice of Programs & Support Packages

With the Career365 Onboarding Program, employers have a choice of three different levels of coaching support depending on the needs or seniority of your employees. With our two different types of Outplacement Programs, Career365 offers different package levels to work with your budget and your employees’ needs.

All levels of onboarding and outplacement provide your employees with direct coaching support to help them transition successfully into their new career.

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