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There are times when you want to do the right thing for your employees.

It may be hard to justify the expense.
Or maybe the budget just doesn’t allow for it.

In these circumstances, it pays to consider offering your departing employees access to all the online outplacement video course content – WITH group coaching.

This way, you can say goodbye to your employees with the support and dignity they deserve without it burning a hole in the budget or really arguing with Finance about the expense.

And by giving your exiting employees career transitioning support, they will:

  • Feel better about leaving you
  • Be well equipped for their transition
  • Be be less likely to feel bad about their departure
  • Keep your employer brand and reputation
  • Be job ready far quicker than without support

Expected Results

Your departing employees will experience a one-one-one tailored support program that helps them deal with the news they’ve received; effectively communicate their departure to mitigate risk of negative publicity both for you, and their reputation; reset and restart their career with the tools, resources and preparation they need to succeed elsewhere.


What Our Research Says


95% of people would have felt ‘far less inclined’ to post adverse comments about their employers if they had been provided outplacement services.


89% of former employees felt more likely to still talk poorly about their employer within 13 weeks of losing their job.


88% of laid off employees would feel ‘much more positive’ towards their employer if they had been provided outplacement or Career transition support.

Why Employers choose Career365 for their departing Employees?

Career365 is trusted by some of the world’s leading employers to support their staff during career transition periods.

Saves you money

365 days access

Can be provided to all exiting employees

Works for Participants anywhere and anytime

Practical content


High engagement

Live and pre-recorded coaching webinars

Proven ROI


Group Coaching Support

All Career365 participants have:

Live Group Coaching

Access to Live Group coaching sessions where they can ask questions in a strictly confidential and safe environment in real time.


Full Library Of Pre-recorded Webinars

Access to a full library of pre-recorded webinars giving them further insights into all the skills they need to make their career transition a success.

Career365’s Renowned Online Course Module Content


Bundle 1: Create a great first impression

Why the first few seconds are so critical to anyone’s job seeking success

Learn the reasons why its so important to create a unique personal brand


Bundle 2: Decide your career direction

Be guided through a proven step-by-step process to help you to choose an enriching and even super-enriching career

Learn our unique and powerfully insightful SLIMRACT. model for career enrichment


Bundle 3: Craft a compelling resume and cover letter

How to write a compellingly attractive resume

How to write a cover letter for each application you are making that addresses the key points


Module Bundle 4: Create a magnetic Linkedln profile

How to set up your Linkedln profile so it is magnetic

How to use key sections to stand out from the clutter of other Linkedln members

How to attract more job opportunities

How to get recommendations that get noticed by Recruiters, Talent Acquisition Managers and Hiring Managers


Bundle 5: Network for success

How to approach contacts when needing their help to find a job

Your Linkedln connections for help

How to reach out to old contacts


Bundle 6: Make an impact at your interview

How to interview brilliantly every time

How to conduct your own due diligence at your interview


Bundle 7: Craft your elevator statement

How to successfully create an elevator pitch that makes Recruiters, Talent Acquisition Managers and Hiring Managers understand your value


Bundle 8: Feel better about your situation

How to deal with being in between jobs

How to become aware of your ‘situation’ and the use of mindfulness techniques

How to reframe your situation and successfully move confidently forward

Why Work With Us?

Career365 is trusted by some of the world’s leading employers to support their staff during career transition periods.

Structured Programs

Our outplacement programs are structured for ease of use.

Engaging Programs

Our outplacement programs are high-touch, convenient, flexible and proven to be effective.

1,200 Employees Helped

We have supported a huge number of professionals who exited their jobs.

100% Online

Support your employees no matter where they are based in the world.

Practical & Easy to Use

The training we offer is suitable for any employee, in any role or location.

Reputation Builder

Create an untouchable reputation as an employer of choice.


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