Employee Onboarding Programs

When new employees start their employment strongly, it means they feel better about their choice to join a new company.

There is a real risk that new employees may be asked to leave or may choose to resign from your organisation in their first 90 days because of a poor alignment or a discrepancy between expectations and reality.

In fact, 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding. By providing structured onboarding support, Career365 reduces the risk and cost of rehiring.

The Benefits of Engaging Onboarding Services

Create The Foundation For Long Term Success

Give your new employees the best first impression.

Focus On The Critical
First 90 Days

Provide support at the most challenging and stressful time for a new employee.

Reduce The
Risk Of Rehiring

Minimise the odds of failed probationary periods and the inconvenience and cost of rehiring.

Improve Performance

Allow new hires to start performing at their best sooner.

Be An Amazing Place To Work

Employees who feel supported stick around for longer.

Boost Retention

Cut the cost of hiring by holding on to your star team members for longer.

Employee Onboarding Services

Most companies do not offer any structured programs to support their employees in their probationary period. Without support in that critical period, employees aren’t set up for success. They can become disengaged, feeling:

  • Overwhelmed and confused about what they are supposed to be doing and who they can talk to for support.
  • Unsure of any developmental opportunities available to them
  • Unable to see where they fit into the big picture of the organisation
  • Frustrated by the lack of reward or recognition for their work

Employers often assume disengaged employees are just a ‘bad fit’ or have poor performance. Sometimes they blame it on generational issues, a lack of loyalty or a flawed recruitment process.

What’s missing is genuine support during the most critical days of the employee lifecycle. This is what Career365 provides.

As a result of this program, new staff hit the ground running and are able to start making positive contributions sooner.

Program Pillars

We provide each new employee with alignment choices that are themed around the acclaimed McKinsey 7-S model and based on the four pillars of effective onboarding.


Business Orientation

Beyond showing them the coffee machine, orienting a new employee is about helping them understand their place within the organisation, understanding how to communicate within the organisation, and the operational structure.


Stakeholder Connections

Enabling new employees to develop the right relationships as soon as possible is critical to their success. New employees won't always know the right people to connect with and it's essential to guide them to the right people at the right time, and in the right way.


Alignment of Expectations

Guiding new employees through their job role and measures of success so that they understand your expectations and have the opportunity to express theirs is a fundamental pillar of successful onboarding.


Cultural Adaptation

A strong, defined workplace culture is key to happier, more satisfied employees. Ensuring your new employees understand and can adapt to your existing culture as it grows and evolves is an important part of effective onboarding.

Why Work With Us?

Career365 is trusted by some of the world’s leading employers to support their staff during career transition periods.

Structured Programs

Our onboarding programs are structured around four success pillars and the McKinsey 7S framework.

Engaging Content

Our onboarding programs are high-touch, convenient, flexible and proven to be effective.

1,000 Employees Helped

We have supported a huge number of professionals to settle into their new job.

100% Online

Support your employees no matter where they are based in the world.

Practical & Easy to Use

The training we offer is suitable for any employee, in any role or location.

Boost Your Business

Create an untouchable reputation as an employer of choice.

Program Options

Our employee onboarding package options all contain on-demand video training designed around the McKinsey 7-S Alignment Framework and interactive exercises to reinforce learning. Choose between monthly, fortnightly or weekly 1:1 coaching sessions to support employees of differing seniority throughout their first 90 days.

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