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Employee Outplacement Programs

1:1 Tailored Support Programs

Provide valued, departing staff with high-touch online coaching tailored to levels of role and industries. Choose level of coaching to meet seniority.

Employee Outplacement Programs

Non-Tailored Group Support Programs

Provide outgoing staff with on demand video modules and group coaching as they depart your organisation. Choose from 2 levels of support.

Stay Interviews

In an increasingly tight job market, organisations need a way to retain their employees.

Stay interviews can give you important insights into an employee’s experiences, feelings and plans for the future. Discover how to make the most out of your stay interviews. onboarding meeting

1:1 Tailored Online Programs

Give new staff complete support during the critical probation period as they adapt to being part of your team. Choose from 3 levels of coaching support.

Remember, offboarding is not just an operational necessity but a reflection of your organization’s value and commitment to its workforce. Regular evaluation and refinement ensure you offer the best for everyone involved.

How well does your organization offboard your staff?  Complete our exclusive Ultimate Offboarding Scorecard and find out.