Outplacement packages

 100 percent COVID-19 Coronavirus ready.

Since 2014, we have been providing all exiting employees with 365 days online outplacement support and one-one- coaching. Perfect for everyone in self-isolation and quarantine.

Outplacement services help to uphold your employer values, through the entire employee life cycle.

Online Outplacement Services

Pandemic ready.
Since 2014 we have supported many hundreds of departing employees
Protect your employer brand and reputation
365 days of online support for all Participants
Perfect online solution to support everyone in self-isolation and quarantine

Our Services

Self-paced Outplacement Packages with Group career counselling.

Each participant receives our tried and tested roadmap of online outplacement modules, complemented by online Group career coaching that supports each departing employee to find success outside your organisation.

Tailored Online Outplacement Packages with Personalised Career Counselling

We collaborate personally with each participant, to develop a tailored roadmap of online outplacement modules and Individualised career coaching that best supports each departing employee.

About Online Outplacement

Developing and entrepreneurial mindset

Career365 pioneered online outplacement in Australia. We have delivered these services for over 1,000 departing employees since 2014.

Now with the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, our online outplacement program has supported departing employees in Sydney,  Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Why give outplacement support services to your departing employees?

There are many reasons to offer outplacement support services to your departing employees, and you can learn more about the benefits in OUR BLOG. We’ve outlined just a few of the benefits below:

  1. It maintains the talent pipeline for future employees.
  2. Your brand reputation is protected through times of change.
  3. It improves the chances that alumni will return in future, becoming boomerang employees.
  4. Your existing employees stay engaged, knowing that you as an employer care throughout the entire employment lifecycle.
  5. When you can actively demonstrate that you care for your employees, you become an employer of choice

How is our program different?

Everybody, regardless of seniority, receives 365 days’ access to their online outplacement program. 

This online program of up to 8 comprehensive modules, has been proven to help our participants land on their feet, and find new employment faster.

When you choose our Group programs, your former employees receive fortnightly Group career coaching.

Participants receive access to our moderated Participant Support Community, hosted on LinkedIn, where they can ask questions, seek support and receive feedback in a safe, managed environment.

When you choose our Tailored programs, your former employees receive Individualised and tailored one-on-one career coaching.

Everybody can access their program anywhere at any time, on any internet enabled device. (Great for self-isolation, social distancing and quarantining, let alone anyone who hates to commute and for remotely located participants.)

We offer a range of solutions for all employer sizes, with affordable and appropriate price points.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has inevitably created an environment of immense uncertainty and heightened anxiety. At such a time – when people are already facing significant stress and disruption – providing support and assistance to retrenched employees becomes a crucial part of reducing fear and panic.

Offering outplacement services can help departing staff members come to terms with their new situation and reduce the sense of overwhelm that may be caused by the combination of a change to their employment circumstances and the impact of a global pandemic.

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