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The Human Touch in the AI Era: Prepping Your Company for the ChatGPT Revolution

The Australian featured an insightful piece on 7 June 2023 titled “ChatGPT is Already Replacing Jobs,” which provides firsthand accounts of individuals impacted by this emerging technology.

The article states, “a recent analysis of the exposure of US workers to the potential effect of GPTs (generative pre-trained transformers, like ChatGPT) estimates that in 19 per cent of US jobs, at least 50 per cent of tasks are exposed, meaning that these tasks correspond to the known capabilities of generative AI.”

The article further states a recent study found sales and marketing was one of the business functions in which Australian business leaders indicated they had, or were considering AI rollout. Another study found almost half of Australian workers were worried about job displacement as a result of generative AI. 

In this article, I  explore the profound implications of ChatGPT on organisational structure, re-skilling, and the emergence of new professions and suggest approaches that harness the technology, rather than look at it as a threat to people’s jobs:

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Team Up, Not Top-Down: Old-school hierarchy has had its day. Let’s get everyone involved, decision-making can be a team sport. Combining human creativity with AI efficiency can lead to amasing results. It’s time to make the most of both worlds.

🏋🏻Train Your Troops: With ChatGPT reshaping the job market, we can’t just sit around twiddling our thumbs. We need to start teaching our folks new tricks today, preparing them for the jobs of tomorrow. Let’s focus not just on the techy stuff but also on the soft skills that make us human and irreplaceable.

🙅🏻‍♂️Never Stop Learning: Don’t just settle for one-off training sessions. Encourage a culture where learning is an everyday thing. In this fast-paced tech world, we’ve got to keep our skills fresh and up-to-date. Remember, it’s adapt or become irrelevant.

👀Keep An Eye Out For New Jobs: Remember when ‘Social Media Manager’ sounded like a made-up job? With ChatGPT evolving, we’re sure to see all sorts of new roles pop up. So, let’s keep our finger on the pulse and be ready to jump on these opportunities when they come along.

🔜Get Ready For What’s Next: Anticipating new roles isn’t enough. We need to prepare for them. Create paths for talent growth, provide resources to learn new skills, and keep the innovation spirit alive. That’s how we stay ahead of the game.

📣Keep The Lines Open: Change can be scary. That’s why we need to keep everyone in the loop. Talk about what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what it means for everyone. Keeping everyone informed makes the journey smoother and less daunting.

📌Don’t Forget About Ethics: Sure, AI is cool, but we can’t forget about doing the right thing. We need to consider transparency, data privacy, and fairness when using AI. Having a solid ethical guideline and sticking to it makes sure we keep on the straight and narrow.

📊Data Is Your Friend: With AI, we can collect and analyse tons of data. We can use this to our advantage, making informed decisions and improving where we can. But remember, the numbers only tell part of the story.

‼️Remember, It’s About People: Even as we get more into AI, we can’t forget about the human touch. Let’s use AI to take care of the routine stuff, freeing us up to do what we do best – creative thinking, problem-solving, and building relationships.

🪜Bridge The Gap: Tech is moving fast, and it’s easy to fall behind. We need to make sure our people have the skills they need today and are ready for what’s coming next. This might mean more training, partnering with schools, or bringing in new blood.

🤔Think About The Long Game: As we use more AI, we need to think about the kind of work environment we’re creating. We need to make sure work is a place where people feel good, are respected, and can grow. After all, a happy team is a productive team.

👟Take It One Step at a Time: Look, this whole AI integration thing may seem overwhelming. But remember, you don’t have to go all in overnight. Start small, experiment, see what works and what doesn’t, and then take it from there. It’s okay to make mistakes – that’s how we learn and grow.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Diversity Matters: Now more than ever, we need different perspectives in the room. The whole point of AI is to complement human skills, not replace them. That means we need all kinds of people to bring all kinds of ideas to the table. The more diverse our team is, the better we can innovate and adapt.

🧘🏻‍♀️Keep the Future in Focus: It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind, but let’s not lose sight of the big picture. Where do we want to be in 5, 10, 20 years? What kind of company do we want to become? Let’s keep those goals in mind as we shape our AI strategy.

🦾Encourage Innovation: We’re stepping into new territory here. So let’s not shy away from out-of-the-box thinking. Encourage the team to brainstorm, get creative, and come up with crasy new ideas. Some might just be the next big thing.

⚖️Balance the Scales: Just because we’re leaning into AI, doesn’t mean we should skimp on the human side of things. Let’s make sure we’re investing equally in our people – providing them with opportunities, nurturing their growth, and creating a culture where everyone feels valued.

💯Don’t Just Survive, Thrive: Look, change is scary, but it’s also exciting. The ChatGPT era doesn’t have to be about just getting by. With the right mindset and strategies, we can use it as a springboard to come out stronger, smarter, and more competitive than ever.

🚶🏻‍♂️Walk the Talk: It’s one thing to talk about change, but another to actually make it happen. As leaders, let’s set an example. Embrace the new tech, commit to learning, and show the way forward. That’s how we create a culture that’s ready and excited for the future.

🥳Have Fun With It: Lastly, let’s not forget to have some fun. After all, we’re working with some really cool tech here. So, let’s enjoy the journey, celebrate the wins, and remember, we’re making history here.

There you have it – embracing the ChatGPT era doesn’t have to be a chore. With a bit of planning, a dash of creativity, and a good dose of positivity, we can navigate these changes and hopefully thrive.


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