It’s All a Matter of Perception


Career Support Reduces the Risks and Costs of Outplacement

We have found that cost-effectiveness is the primary reason why most companies fail to assist former employees land on their feet following redundancy or retrenchment. The rank-and-file worker is worst off often being left to fend for themselves, whereas management and executives, are more likely extended the privilege of receiving some form of outplacement.CareerSupport365 | It's All a Matter of Perception

According to Greg Weiss, founder of, online-outplacement firm, “the upfront costs of engaging traditional outplacement are perceived as high. Regardless of the value of treating employees well, and doing the right thing, the business typically found it hard to justify the cost of engaging the services of an outplacement firm – and therefore did not do so.”

This perception—construed by certain parties as indicative of the adages “penny-wise and pound-foolish”; “Money talks”; or “failing to see the forest for the trees”—is sadly common in many corporations throughout Australia and in other Western societies.

But just because it may be a part of the corporate culture doesn’t mean it should be treated as holy writ.

Employers who adhere to such an ethos frequently find their online employer brand under fire from terminated employees who, rightly or wrongly, view themselves as the aggrieved party.

Greg Weiss adds that things would go a bit more smoothly if the employers’ efforts for their outplacement services are provided with equal sincerity and intensity to all parties regardless their level in an organization. Such steps, he argues, go a long way to reduce the negative social and financial impact upon the employer’s brands.

CareerSupport365 | It’s All a Matter of Perception“The risk of online impact of ‘peeved’ former employees venting their feelings about their former employers and damaging an employer brand is greater today than ever before,” he warns. “And this risk will increase as these so-called ‘online complaints departments’ grow in numbers (and penetrate) across the population and influence.

“That a majority of employees would feel better towards their former employer with more than just receiving a payout, and that and other sites exist, strongly suggests there is a case for heads of HR to push the point of offering outplacement to all employees being let go.”

CareerSupport365 works hard to combat this pervasive mentality by providing affordable self-paced learning modules for ex-employees at an affordable and manageable cost to employers seeking to preserve their brand. Additionally, CareerSupport365 provides professional, compassionate support 24/7/365 for those seeking to re-invent and re-channel their workplace skills and talents.

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