Introducing Career365 – Australia’s Leading Outplacement Provider

Introducing Career365 – Australia’s Leading Outplacement Provider

Pioneers of online outplacement in Australia, Career365 is a leading provider of employment transition services. Offering support at both ends of the employee lifecycle – from structured employee onboarding support to our world-renowned online outplacement – our programs have supported over 1000 participants in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Singapore.

So what exactly does Career365 offer? And how can our services benefit your business? Read on to discover more about our groundbreaking outplacement programs and the value they can offer to businesses large and small.

Who is Career365?

As Australia’s leading employee transitioning firm, we specialise in online outplacement and employee onboarding. Since introducing our groundbreaking online-first outplacement programs to Australia in 2014, we’ve helped businesses across the world facilitate a smooth, productive transition for their employees.

More recently, when the COVID-19 pandemic began taking its immense toll on the workforce, we were quickly able to support organisations in a wide range of industries with our ‘quarantine-ready’, 100% online outplacement programs.

What do we offer?

Our signature service is online outplacement, supporting employees at the end of their employment life cycle with you. Delivered via comprehensive online training modules, tailored career coaching, and webinar content, our proven programs offer 365 days of support to ensure exiting employees receive all they need for their career journey.

We also are well-known for supporting employees at the start of the employee lifecycle. Our structured employee onboarding services help to embed new employees into long, fulfilling and productive careers. Our structured employee onboarding programs include one-on-one coaching, online video modules, and tailored onboarding support.

Why do we believe in the value of outplacement?

Whatever the reason behind a layoff, treating exiting employees with dignity and respect offers significant value to both the departing staff member and the employer.

For the exiting employee, outplacement support can help minimise stress, fear and anxiety, ensure they depart on good terms, and adequately prepare them for the future.

For the employer, meanwhile, providing outplacement support offers a range of benefits, including upholding company values, maintaining the social licence to operate (SLTO), and protecting brand reputation.

Here are some of the reasons we believe outplacement offers a great deal of value to businesses and their employees:

Maintaining the social licence to operate

Providing outplacement support to exiting employees ensures that former staff members are looked after and equipped with the skills to move forward. In this way, outplacement is a clear commitment to ‘do right’ by the community and its members, forming an important part of the SLTO.

Protecting brand reputation

Supporting departing employees sends a message to the wider community that a business is committed to caring for those affected by its activities.

Our research reveals that 95% of people would be “far less inclined” to post adverse comments about their former employer had they been offered an outplacement program.

Upholding company values

Supporting employees at every stage of their employment life cycle proves an organisation’s commitment to maintaining company values at all times. This demonstration of socially responsible behaviour will be witnessed not only by departing employees, but also by surviving staff members and your local community.

Becoming an employer of choice

Whether the community in which you operate is close-knit or extensive, employer image is an important consideration for attracting talent – and from word-of-mouth to online review sites, a negative or positive image can be very quick to spread.

Providing outplacement support to exiting employees allows you to position your establishment as a responsible employer and a desirable place to work, improving your chances of attracting future talent.

Keeping employees engaged, especially in challenging times

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the hospitality and retail industries particularly hard, impacting employers and employees alike. Offering a service like outplacement not only benefits outgoing employees, but will also help keep surviving staff members engaged and motivated.

Demonstrating your duty of care provides reassurance to existing employees that they too will be treated with fairness and respect should they lose their jobs, while also improving the likelihood that staff members who’ve been let go as a result of COVID will be open to returning should their positions become available again in the future.

To find out more about Career365’s industry-leading employee transition services, contact Career365’s Founder, Director and author of three books in the employee transitioning space, Greg Weiss on [email protected] or 1300 784 633.

Do you need help with supporting your employees?

Want to support your employees through restructures and redundancy with effective onboarding, stay interviews, offboarding, and outplacement programs? Get in touch with me today to organise a 1-1 call to see how Career365 can support you and your team. Click here for more information.


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Greg Weiss

Greg Weiss is the founder and director of Career365 and Australia’s leading career coach. Greg has coached well over a thousand people from recent graduates to CEOs as they pivot, re-launch and accelerate their careers. He is the author of three practical books and the creator of three online courses: “Career Clarity. How to find career fulfillment”; “Career Networking. How to unlock the hidden job market”; and “Career Success. How to succeed in your new job”.

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