16 non-traditional ways that can bring you joy at work

When you are at work there are some things that can really make you feel like you are at home when you are at work. (Mind you in a work from home environment, how do you feel at home at work when you really are at home…) Hmmm.

So I thought I’d list a number of ways you can feel more joyful at work.

1. Colleagues you like to be around

I think of the Larson cartoon where the Big Kahuna in the Sky is creating the world and he holds a spice container above it with the word “Jerks”, and says, this is going to make things interesting.

2. Meaningful work

As humans we want to do something that gives some sort of meaning.  Viktor Frankl raised this point in his email work. Read more about it here.

3. Constructive feedback

Constructive feedback that gives you ideas for improvement can transform your day into a very productive and cheerful one.

4. Smiling co-workers

A day seems to go better when you are working with colleagues who smile and are willing to help you anytime.

5. Having a mentor

A mentor is not only a teacher. They are the person that inspires you, the person from whom you want learn and fast track your career, steering you clear of pitfalls.

6. Training and Development

We all feel very motivated to do our job the best way we can when we learn how to do our jobs better.

7. Being around open-minded people

Wouldn’t it be nice if we worked with flexible minded people? You included!

8. Game playing

Taking a break occasionally is the key to success. So, why wouldn’t you take advantage of your free time to re-energise your body and relax?

9. A room designed exclusively for fun

First made famous at Google, wouldn’t it be great to have a fun room where you can leave the stress behind?

10. Short breaks

Download the Pomodorro app. It’s proven regular breaks after sprints helps to keep you energised.

11. Keeping a lean desktop

A clean workspace gives you a great push when you want to start new things or tasks. And a happy set of photos or knickknacks can make you feel good too.

12. Nice tools to work with (pencils and stuff, a fast laptop or PC)

What could make you happier than your own work kit? How about personalising your laptop, or using different coloured highlighters or pens? These small things are details that could change the way you feel about your day.

13. A stand up desk

Sitting at a desk all day long could have long-term negative effects on your health. Check out the range of stand-up desks. Your butt will be a whole lot happier when you’re not on it the whole day.

14. Learning day by day

Taking a small amount of time to learn something new is exciting and keeps your mind alive.

15. Great playlists and earphones

Get baroque for work, Jack Johnson for calling, Nirvana for energy. Whatever is your thing, see if you can enhance your work with the right music and earphones.

16. Chocolate

When it’s dark chocolate, not only is it a sweet treat, but in moderation it’s also somewhat heathy for you.

I’ve chosen some non-traditional ideas here to make work happier. What can you start today?


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