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Why search when you can be found? 80% of jobs aren’t publicly advertised! Use these LinkedIn hacks to land your dream job.

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Rather than trying to find a job, these LinkedIn updates flip the script so recruiters and employers find you.


You’ll learn how to rise to the top of LinkedIn searches, making your profile more likely to be found by recruiters and hiring managers.

The more often certain keywords or phrases are used in your LinkedIn profile, the higher up your LinkedIn profile will be ranked.


You’ll learn how to ask for recommendations using LinkedIn – an essential part of boosting your credibility when searching for a new job.

The more recommendations you have from credible people the more attractive you are to potential employers.


This digital platform ensures your employees receive support no matter where they are.

Absolutely Free

This is a unique opportunity to access expert advice directly from one of Australia’s most prolific coaches – and yes, it’s absolutely free.

Meet Greg.
Your expert career coach.

Greg Weiss is the Founder and Director of Career365. He has spent the last 10 years coaching people to successfully relaunch, pivot, and accelerate their careers.Greg is considered by many to be Australia’s foremost career advice guru. His courses have been used by well over 1,200 people to make their next career move.All lessons in this mini-course have been personally created by Greg so you can be confident you’re learning from an industry expert.


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Our Course VS Their “Course”

Most people wait for opportunities to come to them. Be proactive and discover the steps you can take today to secure your dream job.

Our Course

  • Free mini course
  • Gain quick wins with steps you can take today
  • Easy to understand with each lesson providing immediate value
  • Short, clear and succinct lessons.
  • Strategies work for all career stages – from early graduates to CEOs
  • Written by Greg Wiess, one of Australia’s most trusted career coaches.

Their Course

  • Paid course
  • Slow career strategies that don’t often get results
  • Hard to understand with no clear steps to success.
  • Long, convoluted and often time wasting
  • Strategies often only work for specific professions.
  • Written by Fake Gurus without any industry crediations.