The A-Z of Bringing Joy for the Holiday Season from CareerSupport365

The A-Z of Bringing Joy for the Holiday Season

The A-Z of Bringing Joy for the Holiday Season from CareerSupport365

As we close out 2016 and welcome in 2017, I felt that you would enjoy the A-Z ​of Christmas, combined with a compilation of ​some of the most famous comedy scenes to bring joy, happiness, and most important of all – laughs​.

Please let me know what some of your favourite A-Z moments have been.

Note: Cheesy alert and some content may be offensive.

A is for Angels and, in this case, all the laughs with Abbott and Costello for their skit on Who’s on First.

B is for ​Bl​ixen and Blitzen but B is also for Mr. Bean and his troubles with Christmas Turkey.

C ​could be for Christmas, but ​that might be too obvious…​ instead ​watch the colonoscopy skit perfectly presented by Billy Connolly.

D ​is Dancer and Dashing, and Dana Carvey with his Foxy Lady Skit.

E is for Elves and also for Elaine’s dancing skills.

F is Fruitcake; and F is also for something equally seasonal – Festivus.

G might have been for Gifts, but instead here​ is the gift of George Constanza’s ‘It’s Not You It’s Me’.

H is for Holly, but have a laugh with Harry from Dumb and Dumber.

I could be for Icicles, but instead enjoy Impersonations – watch Kevin Spacey’s genius in action.

J at this time of year is Joy. J is also for courageous and daring Jimmy Fallon messing with Donald Trump’s hair.

K is for Kings; and K is also for Seinfeld’s Kramer.

L is for Love. Love’s antithesis​ is Larry David and for the ​many ​cringeworthy moments he’s brought to the screen.

M might stand for Merry, but really for a belly laugh it’s anything Monty Python.

N is Noel. N is also for Norman Gunston at the dismissal of the Whitlam Government.

O is for Ornaments; and O is also for Oscar presenter Billy Crystal at Muhammad Ali’s memorium​.

P is for Pudding – unless P makes you think of Peter Griffin of Modern Family.

Q is for Quartet. Q also reminds me of Quentin Tarantino’s KKK scene in Django.

R is for Rudolph – and R is also for the genius of Robin Williams – so much to choose from but I had to choose one.

S is for Santa, but S is also for Seinfeld’s Yada Yada.

T is for Tree and T is also for the Three point turning with Austin Powers.

U is for Unicorn. U is also for the USA Election campaign that heavily dominated our media on 2016 – with SNL playing its part.

V is for Vacation and for Sophia Vergara’s Character “Gloria” ​of Modern Family.

W is for Wreath. W is also for Gene Wilder who brought us so many funny moments for us in our lives.

X is for the Xmas lights scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Y is for Yuletide with Mother and Son.

Z is for Zzz – ​and Zoolander’s blue steel.

Wishing only the best of times with your loved ones at this time of the year.

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Greg Weiss is one of Australia’s most renowned career coaches. He is the author of “So You Got A Job, WTF Is Next”. The book prescribes a proven, practical 7 step guideline for new employees so they succeed, rather than fail their probation periods and beyond. Find out more about the book at

He is the Founder and Director of Onboff an online training and coaching platform that helps HR specialists, coaches and recruiters to deliver exceptional onboarding and offboarding experiences for employees.

Greg also hosts The Keep: The Employee Experience podcast and runs CareerSupport365.

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