The A-Z Guide for Individuals for an Exceptional 2021

As we gather around family and friends at this time of the year, here are some of my thoughts – an A-Z guide for anyone, especially those going through career transition – on leading a meaningful 2021. Which ones will you take on?

Having ATTENTION on the future rather than the past.

Focusing on what might BECOME – rather than what could have been.

Forming CONNECTIONS with new people instead of staying in your comfort zone.

DECIDING your career direction and options.

Creating a memorable ELEVATOR pitch – with your ‘why’ at its core.

To be FRIENDLIER rather than more cautious.

To set small winnable GOALS – rather than be directionless.

Committing to mini HABITS that support you towards your goals.

Deciding what is of IMPORTANCE to you – your values and the people you want to work with – so when an opportunity materialises you can discern it as the right one for you. (See SLIMPACT™ for more)

Sharing a JOKE and making people laugh.

KEEPING to your commitments – rather than not making any at all.

Concentrating on what you LOVE to do, so work becomes enjoyable and meaningful. (See SLIMPACT™ again for more)

Seeing who will pay you MONEY for the intersection of your S, L and I. (Again, see SLIMPACT™ for more)

Learning something NEW every day – especially in your intended profession.

Being OPEN to feedback – rather than being closed to learning from any experience.

Being in that 1-2% of people who are inspired by having a PURPOSE. (See SLIMPACT™ for more)

Asking better QUESTIONS and giving less answers.

RESPECTING yourself – accepting praise and help.

Working in areas that utilise your STRENGTHS, and avoiding things that involve your weaknesses.(See SLIMPACT™ for more)

Taking TIME OUT for your family and friends – and letting them know how you care for them.

Build coalitions and collaborations by thinking of US and ‘We’ instead of ‘I’ and ‘Me’.

VALUING the contribution you can make to society – not just doing a job.

Starting with WHY when seeking to inspire – instead of with ‘how’ and with ‘what’.

eXERCISING each day – re-energising and refreshing.

Focusing on the value YOU can make to your current or next employer.

Mastering ZOOM for interviewing.

If you would like to learn more about SLIMPACT™ and gain Career Clarity, my book, Career Clarity, How to find career fulfilment, is designed to help you do just that. Visit to purchase now.


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