The First Few Seconds: Impressions Count

The First Few Seconds: Impressions Count


As Malcolm Gladwell says, we humans are wired to classify anything into binary categories. It’s therefore critical that we make positive impressions in the first few seconds that we meet someone.

(Binary means either safe/dangerous; friend/foe; dull/interesting).

Dan Ariely has done research that shows it takes 14 positive impressions to make up for one single bad impression!

CareerSupport365 | The First Few Seconds: Impressions CountWe meet plenty of people who have no idea how the quality of their resumé or their LinkedIn profile impacts their job opportunities as a job seeker.

Many of these people are mature aged workers or people who have not needed to search for a job in a social media and internet world.

So it’s no surprise that when we share the research from Gladwell or Ariely that they sit up and take note.

At CareerSupport365, we have helped many people find their ideal role within 4–6 weeks of losing a job, by showing people how to positively differentiate from their fellow job seeker candidates.

How we do this is via our Personal Branding Bundle of online course modules, which are common across all Packages that CareerSupport365 offers.

What’s included?

Here’s an outline of what we cover in the Introduction to Personal Branding module:

CareerSupport365 | What Is Personal Branding?WHAT IS PERSONAL BRANDING?


CareerSupport365 | Why Brands MatterWHY BRANDS MATTER


CareerSupport365 | How Personal Brands WorkHOW PERSONAL BRANDS WORK


CareerSupport365 | Segmenting of Your AudienceSEGMENTING OF YOUR AUDIENCE


CareerSupport365 | Developing Digital Habits



CareerSupport365 | Finding Your BrandFINDING YOUR BRAND


CareerSupport365 | Discovering Your Inner BrandDISCOVERING YOUR INNER BRAND


CareerSupport365 | Values and BeliefsVALUES AND BELIEFS


CareerSupport365 | What Others Think About YouWHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT YOU


CareerSupport365 | Living Your BrandLIVING YOUR BRAND


CareerSupport365 | Setting PrioritiesSETTING PRIORITIES


CareerSupport365 | Brand and RelationshipsBRAND AND RELATIONSHIPS


CareerSupport365 | Acting Consciously and GenerouslyACTING CONSCIOUSLY AND GENEROUSLY

Once the Participant finishes the Introduction to Personal Branding Module, then they are introduced to the modules that help them to Decide who they are; Declare who they have Decided to be; and then once they know what to Declare, they can then choose where and how to Display their Brand.

At the end of these 4 modules that make up the Personal Branding Bundle, people have clarity, a well-defined purpose or WHY; a Personal Brand, a Branded Bio, a Branded Resumé; a well-structured LinkedIn profile; and strategies on how to grow and maintain their digital footprint.

Find out more?

Find out more by contacting me or visiting our packages here.

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About the author:

Greg Weiss is the Founder of CareerSupport365. He has almost 30 years success in HR and in career coaching people.

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