HORIZONS support program for stood-down employees

Keep your stood-down employees engaged and motivated, so that on their return to the workplace they can step-up and become better leaders.

HORIZONS: Our support program for stood-down employees.

Thanks to the internationally devastating COVID-19 pandemic, more and more Australian businesses find themselves in the position of having to stand-down their employees.

Career365 has identified a number of key concerns from many of these employers:

During their time away from the workplace, what are these employees doing? Are they working their way through the entire Netflix back catalogue, or are they working to better themselves?

While stood-down, will employees be focussed only on the challenges of their own situation, blaming their employer for their hardship, or will they recognise the challenges their employer is also facing, and take steps to help that business rebound quickly after the economy re-opens?

On their eventual return to the workforce, will these employees be rusty, demotivated and need to relearn their job skills, or will they be primed, motivated and ready to hit the ground running?

If you’re an employer with stood-down employees, and you share these concerns, Career365 has the solution.


HORIZONS is a brand-new program for stood-down employees, designed by Career365, Australia’s leading expert in career services throughout the entire employee life-cycle, as a direct response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The HORIZONS program for stood-down employees is a 4- or 8-week program that provides purpose and direction to your stood-down employees. It teaches them to step-up into self-responsibility and leadership, so they can return to work when the time is right as strong, self-motivated leaders.

The HORIZONS program includes custom-designed online learning modules, paired with fortnightly live webinars, access to previously filmed webinars, and a curated library of online resources to help your stood-down employees make the most of their time.

We’ve been able to launch HORIZONS at an incredibly accessible price point, starting at $397+gst per participant for our 4-week program.

Key Learning Outcomes

Learning the skills of self-motivation and pro-activity

Developing an entrepreneurial / intrepreneurial mindset / being innovative / finding new solutions

Thinking more like an entrepreneur or business owner to take control of their own destiny

Avoiding the couch potato effect, which will affect mental health and also morale

Avoid becoming ‘rusty’ at your job

Reflecting on your role and performance and decide what they want to focus on, improve or upskill in

How do you keep existing relationships with clients/suppliers going – be pro-active – find the self-motivation

How do you upskill to further improve yourself whilst away from work

Who do you want to be when you return to work?

Keeping on side with your boss – demonstrating your worth so you will be top of the list for returning employees

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