Vitality Module 9

Vitality Module 9


Have you ever pondered how your unique skills could ignite a powerful wave of change in the communities around you? Think its beyond you? Not so!

This module and its workbook build on the previous modules and examines leveraging personal skills to add value to communities through real life examples, emphasising the importance of skill application, self-assessment, and community contributions towards building a lasting legacy.

Key Takeaways

  • Personal skills, when applied through volunteering, entrepreneurship, education, and leadership, significantly contribute to community development.
  • Exemplary individuals outlined in the module showcase how skills can be leveraged for community impact.
  • Self-assessment and clear goal-setting are crucial in identifying opportunities to apply one’s skills effectively.
  • Aligning personal skills with community needs fosters mutual engagement and meaningful contribution.
  • Talent plays a key role in legacy building through excellence, leadership, and humanitarian impact.
  • Innate talent, along with practice and education, forms the basis for individual accomplishments and societal progress.
  • Reflective exercises guide individuals in envisioning how their skills can shape a lasting legacy and inspire positive change