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When you start a new job, you are under the spotlight. Your boss, your peers and everybody else has their radar fired up, looking for whether you should have been hired. Did your employer make a mistake in hiring you? Are you a good fit? How long will you last? How much of an asset or a liability will you be for the team and for your employer? You may be surprised that as many people who hope for you to succeed, there are just as many who hope for you to fail!

If you succeed, then great. If not, then you will be tossed out to restart your career, with a tainted job history and a damaged reputation and self -esteem. The video modules and e-Book in Career Success help to guide you through your probation period so that you settle in, become productive and get that spotlight onto your achievements and not your hoped for fails!

What’s in the box?

In this practical how to program you have will a clear roadmap on how to succeed in your new job,

What you get is:

  • 1 x Free Workbook
  • 1 x Free e-Book on best selling Career Success
  • 1 x Video module program covering:
    • Creating the conditions for success in your new job
    • Preparing for on boarding
    • On boarding and how to mitigate probation failure
    • The four foundational elements of onboarding
    • Seven alignment choices to be made and how to master them:
      • Alignment choice 1 Shared values:
        How to ensure you and your employers values overlap and identify the behaviours that underpin these values
      • Alignment choice 2 Structure:
        How to master the formal reporting lines as well as the hidden networks for tapping into information and influence
      • Alignment choice 3 Style:
        How to manage your personal brand to ensure others gain an overwhelmingly positive impression of you
      • Alignment choice 4 Skills:
        How to apply your unique strengths to your role and minimise your weaknesses for career success
      • Alignment choice 5 Strategy:
        How to set up one to two winning projects to energise those around you and build trust, credibility and value
      • Alignment choice 6 Staff:
        How to fit and where to contribute by agreeing with your manager on the context of your role
      • Alignment choice 7 Systems:
        How to know the way things work by establishing an accelerated learning agenda so you can contribute effectively
        Preparing for review after your probation.


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