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If you are looking for a new job then it could be a time of excitement, fear or maybe even both. You might be between jobs, have been made redundant or currently have a job but looking for new opportunities.


However, there is a problem.


It could be weeks, months or maybe even years before you land a dream job through looking for advertised vacant positions, send in job applications, go through interview after interview and hopefully beat out the other candidates – or not.


When you’re on the hamster wheel that is the job application process, you inevitably become preoccupied by thoughts like “how can I possibly stand out” or “how can I beat the competition”.


Would you be surprised to hear that around 85% of jobs filled are not even advertised? That makes for some pretty slim pickings on the job front and when you know this it can certainly help to make sense of why the job application process is so hard.


What if you learned that it doesn’t have to be this way for you?


The answer to unlocking that hidden job market is career networking.


The video modules and e-Book in Career Networking help to guide you through a process where you can be the only person going for a job and then landing it.
How do I know this? Because the content in this program has helped so many people land a job they would never have known about, in a timeframe they thought was unimaginable.


What’s in the box?

In this practical how to program you will have a clear roadmap on how to unlock the hidden job market!

What you get is:

  • 1 x Free Workbook
  • 1 x Free e-Book on best-selling Career Networking
  • 1 x Video module program covering:
    • How to overcome common objections that are holding you back from networking
    • How to make the competition irrelevant in your job search
    • Why it’s so important for people to know, like and trust you
    • How to get people to vouch for you in your job search
    • The three different categories of relationships in your life as well as the positive and negative implications of networking with them
    • How to warm up or ‘romance’ your existing connections and develop a contact schedule for doing so
    • How to use different networking styles
    • How to harness the two types of people you want in your camp
    • How to develop your networking secret weapon
    • The best practices for networking etiquette to improve your chances of success


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