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It’s time to enhance your credibility through Recommendations on LinkedIn

Recommendations have largely taken the place of references. They add to your personal brand on LinkedIn by enhancing your credibility

The more recommendations you have from credible people, the quicker recruiters, hiring managers and prospective clients will make assessments that you are somebody worthwhile doing business with.

Key steps to building up your recommendations:

LinkedIn has laid out the process for you, but don’t use their default message.

Explain to your contact that you’re updating your profile and would appreciate a recommendation.

Ask for a recommendation in a specific area of high value to you.

Ask for two or three paragraphs that detail specifics, rather than a general recommendation.

Remember, recommendations can only come from LinkedIn connections. If you have not invested time in making connections on LinkedIn, start doing so today.

If you found this lesson useful, you may be interested to know that it came from my Career Catching online course

As one of Australasia’s foremost career coaches, I’ve helped thousands of people to successfully pivot, relaunch, and accelerate their careers. I know the stresses, strains and fears that can arise during the process, but I’ve also built up a suite of easily actionable online courses to support you through it.

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During this time, I learned a lot about the appropriate language, mannerism, and effective approach in career planning.

These are the key elements often overlooked in the career change process.”

Khaykin Chow
Career365 online course participant

In developing the Career Catching online course, I’ve taken all the leg-work out of researching how to refine your resume, stand out on LinkedIn, brush up on your interview skills, and much more.

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I understand that asking you to trust me with your career is a big ask. I firmly believe that trust can only be built through us getting to know one another.

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