LinkedIn For Jobseekers Mini Course

Quick changes to your LinkedIn can get your profile in front of more people looking to hire.

Learn how to land your next role using LinkedIn.

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Hi there, I’m Greg Weiss,
Australia’s Leading Career Coach.

Rather than trying to find a job, there are LinkedIn updates that you can make today so recruiters and employers find you.

These tips can make a real difference to your job search so sign up now to get started.

We have a FREE MINI COURSE, giving you proven tips on things you can do right now to help land your next role using LinkedIn. This course includes:

How to use magnetic KEYWORDS in your LinkedIn profile to gain the attention of recruiters and employers.

How to ask for RECOMMENDATIONS from your connections in LinkedIn and why this is important.

How to create interest in you and only you for a role, essentially creating a market of one – instead of being on a shortlist of several people.

Greg Weiss waiting to career coach

These modules have been created by Greg Weiss who is known as the trusted authority on all matters to do with career coaching.  Also known as ‘The Career Whisperer’, Greg is passionate about helping people accelerate and relaunch their careers.

Greg is considered by many to be Australia’s foremost career advice guru. The modules that make up his courses are accessible to you, and have already been used by well over 1,200 people for their successful career transitioning, through the renowned Career365 outplacement and onboarding programs.

This FREE MINI COURSE will provide you with immediate steps you can take to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive to potential employers.
These are quick wins you can implement today.