Help Your Clients Reduce Employer Brand Risk
For Less Money Than They Think
With A Longer Program Than They Expect


In this demonstration of the renowned Career365
outplacement program, you will learn:

How your clients’ employees can be supported with 365 days of outplacement support.

How your clients can provide ALL their employees with outplacement support, from entry level to CEO, no matter where their departing employees live.

How your clients can provide their employees with state of the art, practical career transitioning tips relevant to today’s job searching environment.

How you can mitigate against the risk of anyone posting poor things about your client’s employer online.

Founded by Greg Weiss… To Provide ALL Employers with affordable outplacement
for ALL their departing staff,
no matter what their level or where they live.

Greg Weiss is The Trusted Authority on all matters of career coaching – especially on outplacement. Known as The Career Whisperer, he is passionate about helping people accelerate and relaunch their careers.

Greg is considered by many to be Australia’s foremost career advice guru.

Greg formed Career365 to make outplacement accessible to anyone for 365 days, not just one week or one month.

What’s more, when every other outplacement provider was forcing people to go to their offices for their outplacement, and provide support only for a limited time, Greg pioneered the Career365 online outplacement program years ago allowing people to get support anywhere, and for 365 days and to any level of budget.

Today, the program has already touched over 1,200 people from many of Australia’s best employers.

If you’re a lawyer who wants to do the right thing by your clients, then this demo can show you how your clients can provide affordable outplacement to all their departing employees, no matter what their level, and no matter where they live.

Doing so, is proven to reduce the risk to your client’s employer brand and reputation.