The Ultimate Advice for Making a Career Decision

Robert has been his company‘s top salesperson for quite a while now. He thrives under pressure and connects with his clients is a way junior salespeople can only dream of.

So, when Robert gets the chance to become Sales Manager, he jumps at the promotion.

The problem is, Robert didn’t realise he would have to become so hands-off with clients in his new role.

As the weeks go by, Robert struggles. He’s losing confidence in himself and his ability in the sales world, so he starts contemplating a career move that would mean leaving the sales industry behind altogether.

Can you relate to Robert’s situation?

Have you ever made a career move that that threw you off-balance?

Drastic action isn’t your only recourse

When something happens in a person’s career to make them doubt themselves, the obvious solution might be to leave a job behind and look elsewhere. Somewhere for a fresh start perhaps, where they can get their mojo back.

But often, things aren’t really that wrong to begin with and making a career decision as drastic as relaunching into a new space could be an unnecessary upheaval.

Making a career decision: to relaunch or re-dedicate?

Sometimes subtle shifts are all that are required to get your career back on track and maximise the factors that enrich you most.

I call this career re-dedication. Often, you can do this while remaining with your current employer by re-negotiating elements of your job description. After all, smart employers know that utilising their employees’ strengths is paramount to a successful and smooth-running operation.

With the help of my career coaching services, Robert figured this out too. He realised that while being Sales Manager made sense on paper, it didn’t give him the outlet he needed to demonstrate his primary strength – building relationships with clients. So, Robert spoke to his employer about this very thing and negotiated to return to his previous role.

He’s the company’s top salesperson once more, is invaluable to the new Sales Manager because of his recent experience in that position and most importantly – is again enjoying an enriched career.

Want to be like Robert and figure out your next career move?

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Greg Weiss is Australia’s leading career coach. He is the author of “So You Got The Job! WTF Is Next?”. The book prescribes a proven, practical 7-step guideline for new employees so they succeed, rather than fail their probation periods and beyond. Find out more about the book at
He is the Founder and Director of Onboff an online training and coaching platform that helps HR specialists, coaches and recruiters to deliver exceptional onboarding and offboarding experiences for employees.
He also hosts The Keep: The Employee Experience podcast and runs CareerSupport365.

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