The A-Z Guide for Individuals for an Exceptional 2014

The A-Z Guide for Individuals for an Exceptional 2014


As a Participant in our programs, and as we gather around family and friends at this time of the year, here are some of my thoughts – an A-Z guide for individuals – on leading a meaningful 2014.

Which ones will you take on?

Having ATTENTION on the future rather than the past.

Focusing on what might BECOME – rather than what could have been.

Forming CONNECTIONS with new people instead of staying in your comfort zone.

DECLARING what you stand for and clearly articulating it with whomever you meet.

Creating a memorable ELEVATOR Statement – with your ‘why’ at its core.

To be FRIENDLIER rather than more cautious.

To set small winnable GOALS – rather than be directionless.

Being more HONEST about reaching out for help – rather than trying to do it all on your own.

INITIATING contact with someone new every day – rather than keeping to yourself.

Sharing a JOKE and making people laugh.

CareerSupport365 | The A-Z Guide for Individuals for an Exceptional 2014KEEPING to your commitments – rather than not making any at all.

LAUGHING – rather than wallowing.

Showing how you can MAKE a difference – rather than merely doing a job.

Learning something NEW every day – especially in your intended profession.

Being OPEN to feedback – rather than being closed to learning from any experience.

Being more PRESENT – rather than being anywhere else.

Asking more QUESTIONS and giving less answers.

RESPECTING yourself – accepting praise and help.

SMILING at people you pass – aiming to get them to smile back.

Taking TIME OUT for your family and friends – and letting them know how you care for them.

Using the word US and ‘We’ instead of ‘I’ and ‘Me’.

VALUING the contribution you can make to society – not just doing a job.

Starting with WHY when seeking to inspire – instead of with ‘how’ and with ‘what’.

eXERCISING each day – re-energising and refreshing.

Focusing on the value YOU can make to your current or next employer.

Being restful before any meeting and grabbing enough ZZZZs to be ready for today.

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