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Remote coaching is a relatively new practice in the world of outsourcing. It has signaled a new approach to doing outplacements for ex-employees by bringing virtual support around the clock to the job-seeking community.

CareerSupport365 | Putting on a Coaching has led the way, reinventing online clients’ personal brands while helping participants learn real-world job skills at a fraction of the cost that former employers normally provide.

But what of its efficacy?

By using the blended solution of online learning with career coaching and other interventions, CS365 has been able to re-integrate ex-employees into the workforce, at the same time do this by minimally impacting the former employers’ bottom line.

Here’s how it works: When Arthur in Alice Springs signs up for CS365, he is immediately in contact 24/7/365 with his programs and can also have access 24/7 to experienced real-world teachers and career coaches from across the globe, working together in real time helping him attain the practical skills necessary for employment.

Online outplacement is growing so quickly that it can be applied to regional/remote employees anywhere, at any time.

The benefits are obvious.

At CS365, the client can get coached anywhere, at any agreed-upon time, without any commuting costs being incurred.

Now the participant can sit at his desk, at the library; in the coffee shop; at the laundromat—wherever there’s a 3G or wi-fi system in place. Coaches are literally and figuratively “plugged in” to their clients’ needs, wherever and whenever the latter wants help and guidance.

And so the world is literally everyone’s cubicle, thanks to the exponential growth of wireless technology.

Online works better

The successful online coach has been shown to help the Arthurs of this world bring flexibility, adaptability, and technological savvy to the table. There are an infinite number of online resources that will also help Arthur improve his netiquette whenever he uses Skype or Live Meeting.

The research behind the efficacy of remote versus face-to-face career coaching is striking. One study, using a combination of the Internet and face-to-face interviews (blended solutions) in conducting surveys, discovered that online participants were more likely to be honest about their feelings. Additionally, remote learning was accomplished faster; the surveys were finished quicker and with greater accuracy than if they had been done in a traditional learning setting (e.g. classroom), and was completed at less than half the cost of previous surveys.CareerSupport365 | Putting on a Coaching Clinic

Additionally, an English study using online nursing-program methods showed that students choosing online discussions had a higher core methods grades (mean 60.8/100) than students who chose face-to-face discussions (54.4).

So when Arthur utilizes CS365’s blended-learning approach, he knows that he stands a much better chance of marketing his revamped brand online than going through the motions in a traditional outplacement setting.

Once Arthur has completed his modules and has found online work, he can then telecommute from his kitchen nook to Stockholm, Hong Kong, Montreal…wherever his skills and talents mesh with an employer’s needs.

How he gets there will be done in large part to his online coaches’ effectiveness in providing him with the survival skills necessary to reinvent his individual brand, thus, making him a more viable, more attractive candidate for employment.

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