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How to advocate for outplacement support as an employee

Support for employees is essential at every stage of the employee lifecycle, from thorough onboarding and performance reviews, to offboarding and outplacement that allows employees to leave an organisation without a bad taste in their mouth. But not every organisation is providing the right support at the right stage, particularly when it comes to outplacement. 

So, how can you advocate for outplacement within your organisation to ensure you’re being looked after? 

Remember the importance of outplacement 

Leaving an organisation can be difficult. Restructures and redundancies in particular can leave people feeling frustrated and unsure of what their next move should be. Organisations can support their leaving employees through outplacement programs that help them to prepare for the job search, connect them with new opportunities and boost their confidence as they move to the next role. 

Outplacement is an extremely important tool for helping employees feel valued and supported at the end of their time with an organisation. 

Not every organisation understands how powerful outplacement can be, but employees can do their part in showing them why implementing outplacement is worth their time, money and effort. Here are three things you can use to drive the conversation around outplacement with your leadership team: 

Outplacement demonstrates values aligned behaviours 

What are your organisation’s values? How does this play out at different stages of the employee lifecycle? As I speak with different organisations, I often hear them say that their ‘team is a family’ or that ‘every person matters’. If they don’t have outplacement, then these values are shallow. 

Show your leadership team that values are important and an organisation’s words must be aligned to their actions. Organisations who are interested in acting in line with their values will be interested in doing everything they can to support their employees effectively. hands

Outplacement can be a tool for talent acquisition and management 

Throughout the job search, individuals are looking for the organisation that will be the best fit for them. They ask questions like, ‘What’s it like to work there?’ and ‘How will they support me in my career?’. 

Remind your management that your organisation has a brand. Not just as an organisation that provides products or services, but as one that is a workplace too – and potential employees are watching carefully to see how different organisations can help them fulfil their own career aspirations. 

Providing outplacement can be a marker for many job seekers of a great place to work. Implementing outplacement can be a key method for attracting top talent and retaining the best and brightest. 

Outplacement can develop boomerang employees 

When organisations farewell employees, it’s not always forever. Whatever the unique situation may be, it’s normal – and quite common – for employees to return to organisations. These people are known as ‘boomerang employees’. These people are valuable to any organisation as they know the culture, know the systems, know the people and the products. Onboarding boomerang employees can be quick so that no productivity is sacrificed. 

However, the catch is that employees are only going to want to come back if they were treated well when they left the organisation initially. Outplacement can play a huge role in this process and it can be the key that allows individuals to feel comfortable and supported in returning when the time is right. 

Outplacement has huge value for organisations, as well as the employees it is designed to support. Starting the conversation with your leadership team today can have great benefits for all parties into the future. 

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