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Does your organisation provide outplacement?

In my time as a career coach, I engage with many people who have reaped the benefits of outplacement programs, as well as many others who haven’t been provided support in this way. Time and time again, I see those who are provided with outplacement support thriving as they take on the next chapter of their careers.

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What is outplacement? 

Outplacement programs are designed to help employees find new employment opportunities after leaving their job. Most often it is provided to help employees when they are facing redundancy, but it is a useful tool for both employers and employees alike.

Before any benefits for any organisations, outplacement’s core purpose is to help individuals be prepared as they face the job market and find a new job as quickly as possible. 

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The benefits of outplacement for employees 

Looking for a job isn’t always the most pleasant experience, but there’s no reason it needs to be more frustrating. Every good outplacement program will give employees the tools and resources they need to be job-market-ready. Of course, this will look different depending on each individual’s needs – someone who has been made redundant after 10 years with an organisation may need more guidance and preparation than someone who is leaving an organisation within a few months of being hired. 

Outplacement can help you to: 

  • Get clear on your direction – moving on from one job can be a fantastic opportunity to reassess and shift your direction. Being clear on which direction you will go in and what you need to achieve your new goals is important at such a critical moment in your own journey. Outplacement programs can help you to be informed, focused and prepared as you make your next move, even if it’s a 180° turn from the role you’re leaving.
  • Be prepared for re-entry into the job market – heading back into the job market can mean a lot of paperwork and practical steps need to be taken. From updating your resume, to preparing cover letters and updating your LinkedIn page so that your profile can cut through the noise, outplacement programs can help you to ‘look good on paper’ so you can attract interest from prospective employers with ease. 
  • Make the best impression – outplacement programs can help you to prepare for interviews, job trials and more. Every step of the job search can be nerve-wracking, outplacement is all about making sure you’re prepared for the challenge so you can put your best foot forward and secure offers as quickly as possible. 

In working with many different organisations, we see plenty of organisations who don’t provide outplacement at all and many more who only provide outplacement to their middle or senior level employees. However, no matter your level within the organisation, we see time and time again that outplacement benefits every exiting employee. Greg Weiss Stay Interview

Does your organisation provide outplacement? 

The best time to lobby your organisation to provide an outplacement program is now, before you need it. However, if you are facing redundancy or find yourself leaving your organisation unexpectedly for another reason, there is still time to agitate to ensure you are being supported as you exit. 

Don’t know what to ask for? 

At Career365, we provide two versions of outplacement – both can be of enormous help to employees who are leaving an organisation: 

  • Full service outplacement – this includes career coaching alongside course modules, to ensure you have the practical help you need as well as informative guidance.
  • Course modules only – our program ‘reNEW’ provides you with standalone course modules, that your employer can provide you, as they come at an affordable price. 

There are many organisations who don’t understand the benefit of outplacement yet, but it is important to remember that outplacement has benefits for organisations too, including: 

Outplacement is always a case of ‘something is better than nothing’. Any support for employees as they face daunting task of taking on the job market again – often when they haven’t planned for it – can be of benefit. That’s why our ‘reNEW’ program is hugely popular. Our modules have been proven to help over one thousand people from graduate to executive levels by giving them the support they need to manage their changing circumstances, move forward and prepare themselves to restart their careers. 

Do you need help with your job search?

Are you tackling the job search now – or thinking about it for the near future? Preparing your LinkedIn profile for the task is one of the most valuable things you can do to put your best foot forward. Take part in my mini course that gives you the best tips and tricks to showcasing your expertise and capabilities. Secure your place now.


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