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Cruel to Be Kind?


With the advent of online outplacement services, ex-employees have more opportunities than ever before to re-invent their personal brand.

CareerSupport365 | Cruel to be Kind?CareerSupport365.com’s unique approach involves using self-paced online learning modules that each ex-employee uses at their own discretion. They can accomplish as much or as little of it as they want for that day.

However, CS365 requires users’ learning to be completed and demonstrated before they view other value-added resources and events offered. If they don’t complete the module, they don’t gain access. So there’s an incentive built-in to the outplacement program that encourages people to complete what they had started.

Forcing people to complete a course module before they can start another seems initially counterproductive.

Not so.

Mindful that traditional outplacement services sport a very high dropout rate (65%), CS365 notes that, to counter the possibility of a repeat performance, ex-employees are provided psychological and moral incentives in the form of support from tailored emails, SMS and calls as well as experienced  career coaches, all of whom have extensive experience, many with psychology backgrounds.

This contrasts sharply to most traditional 30-day basic outplacement services. According to Greg Weiss, founder of CS365, the average ex-employee is stuck behind the eight-ball from the word go using the traditional outplacement model.

Greg notes that displaced employees regain a sense of control over their lives as each module is completed, which contributes to their sense of personal satisfaction.

The employer, too, gains from this approach.

CareerSupport365 Online Services the Best Choice | Cruel to be Kind?

“We believe web-based outplacement services are the best choice for employers. You don’t have to worry about employees choosing to drop out because of embarrassment, inconvenience or the hassle of commuting,” Greg states. “Plus, departing employees can learn how to secure their next job and build their personal brand.” He cites the ‘Introduction to Personal Branding’ module, whereby employees decide what their personal brand is, how they want to communicate it, and then are shown how to market it on social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and so forth.

Unlike the traditional approach, CS365 also offers value-added benefits, e.g. feedback on their resume; preparing for job interviews; etc. once they complete the relevant module.

As each module is completed, patience and persistence are developed and honed—critical skills when seeking work. The ex-employee also slowly regains a sense of accomplishment knowing that they stuck the program out despite their initial fears and misgivings.

When preparing resumes and applying for job interviews, the ex-employee has had sufficient practice having completed the course module and maybe even having dealt with a career coach under his belt to withstand emotional roller coaster that comes with job hunting.

People like and need challenges. To drop out would be foolish and counterproductive. CareerSupport365 recognizes these perils and helps people help themselves start achieving by believing!

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Learn more about Greg Weiss here.

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